An Adventure with God

What if someone were to tell you that everyday could be an adventure, and not a grind? You might think in order to do that you would have to quit your job, change your routine, go on a very long vacation, or end some relationships. What if I told you that the Scripture held the key to that all along, and a higher view of God’s sovereignty can and does do that? Typically God’s sovereignty and adventure are two words you would not normally find in a sentence together, but I am about to show you how those two words belong together.

A New Way to See Your Day

Psalm 139:16 says, “Your eyes have seen my unformed substance; And in Your book were all written the days that were ordained for me, when as yet there was not one of them.” This verse could not make the sovereignty of God any more central to your life. This verse literally says that God has mapped out every one of your days before any of them arrived. Next Monday – God has it planned. The first Monday of this month ten years from now (given Christ does not return before then) – planned already.

That plan is not just a plan in a general sense. God’s plan for your day applies down to the hour, the minute, and even the second. That means your first waking thought, and God’s very first response to it is planned. This combats the modern notion of our day-to-day life. The modern man is taught to think in terms of fighting hard to control your life. You get up, go to work, try hard, go to sleep, and repeat, repeat, repeat.

God is a joyful God, and so He has a joyful plan for those made in His image. You may not think that about your life, but God does. For those that He has lovingly called to Himself, He has a plan that is designed for your greatest joy. If you have His spirit, He is committed to producing that joy in you. The Bible calls this a fruit that God wants to produce in you through His Spirit (Galatians 5:22). So no matter what your day may have in store, it might look similar to yesterday, it might not contain anything you would consider an apex moment of your life, but it is a day that was created for His children to experience joy in (Psalm 118:24).

Days Designed for Joy

Psalm 139:16 is meant to change the way you view every single day of your life. The one barrier to everyone embracing this truth is the refusal to believe God, not us, is the center of our day. That means that everything is subject to this truth. This means that God, not other human relationships is the focal point of your day. This means that God, not your job or daily tasks, is the focal point of your day. Your eyes cannot be fixed on anything other than the very source of joy itself, Jesus (Hebrews 12:2). If you remain fixated on anyone or anything else, then those things become your hope, your source, your joy. As much as I love my wife, she cannot be my source, since she, being made in God’s image, was created to have the same source of life and joy as me, and that is God.

If you keep your eyes fixed on Jesus then your tasks will not just be tasks, they will be joyful opportunities to join God in His purposes on the earth. God works, and He calls us to work too, so work is not the barrier to joy, it is our focus in the midst of that. When we participate in the things that God does, and do it in the context of relationship through Jesus Christ, we no longer work against God, or for Him, but with Him. When God’s joy is shared with you through His Spirit then your day no longer is a day that stands by itself, but a tool to come to know the maker of time, space, and more specifically, the very source of joy – Himself. When we submit to Christ’s leadership in our lives, we can share our moments with Him. We don’t have to fight for this joy, all we have to do is surrender to God’s leadership, and keep our eyes on the focal point of our day He created for us to have, and every moment, even the darkest, is an opportunity for joy!

An Adventure with God: Article by Chase O'Dell - Founder of Bridgeway Ministries

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