Building Bridges Between God and People

The world spends enough time building bridges, why not build them instead?

We believe that society has burned so many bridges between people because we have burned them with God. Those at Bridgeway seek to be used by God to build bridges between God and people.

We have experienced and deeply believe that if we have a bridge to God, then we also have a bridge to joy, our future, and will live and grow in the fullest sense that God himself has designed us for. 

Thank you for your interest in Bridgeway Ministries and we hope that you will join us in building bridges to God for others and ourselves.

The Faces of Bridgeway

From Left: (Jude, Sophia, Malachi, Tara, and Chase)

Chase O’Dell is a husband to Tara O’Dell, father of three, preacher, author, and founder of Bridgeway Ministries. He has a bachelor’s degree in christian ministry and divinity from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Chase has a heart for discipleship and revival in the church. 

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