Building bridges between God and people.

The world spends a lot of time burning bridges and it doesn’t make us feel any better. Why not build them instead?

Bridgeway seeks to serve as a bridge between God and people. This bridge is for people of all different colors and backgrounds. This bridge is for young and old people. This bridge is for those that follow Christ and those that don’t. 

Maybe what our world is starving for isn't another opinion, but truth. Maybe what we need is to see the world around us for what it really is. Maybe truth can do more than inform us, but can transform us. If our television cannot give us vision, and social media has not taught us how to mediate yet, then it's time to look elsewhere. Maybe we need a new lens with which to see reality. Gospel Realities gives you a look into the life of one man that struggled with a belief system that was not enough for him. If you are looking for a fresh perspective, it is time for a gospel reality check. You are invited to have a candid look for yourself at the author, and founder of Bridgeway Ministries, Chase O'Dell's highs and lows, from drug houses to the pulpit. If you want to witness the lifetime encounter of how truth intersected his life and transformed him forever, come find yourself in this story and see how the Kingdom of God shapes reality.

Bridgeway Ministries is just beginning. Be a part of the journey of building bridges from it’s birth. 

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